The Great Escape Unicorn Dreamer

The Great Escape Unicorn Dreamer

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Our Dreamies, the perfect pal to cozy up with and read a book.

Dimensions 10 inches X 10 1/2 inches



All Dreamers are made with love from scratch. Fabric is hand dyed in house and than stencilled and cut by hand. All the hair is hand cut and sometimes dyed in house than cut and sewn to size. The dreamer marks are printed at home and hot pressed onto the dreamer and the eyes and sometimes horns are screen printed as well. The pieces are than combined and sewn together than cut and flipped right side out, stuffed with love and hand sewn shut🖤🦄 

Please don’t leave your littles unattended with any of our items as they may contain small pieces. Not to be placed in a crib , bassinet or any place where your babies sleep. Not to be used as a teething toy.