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Land of Lennon

Ribbon Wings

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Our Ribbon Wings are a tribute to our Indigenous Children we lost to the Residential School System. To honour the little ones who never made it home, to give their little souls wings and release them. A portion of the proceeds from each wing will be donated to multiple indigenous communities across Canada to support the survivors and to continue to help find the ones who never made it home. 

The goal of Residential School 

"We instil in them a pronounced distaste for the native life so that they will be humiliated when reminded of their origin. When they graduate from our institutions, the children have lost everything native except their blood"

Please educate yourself, this is a huge part of Canadian history and still present day. Many survivors still live today. Teach your children, a link to how to educate your little ones and recommended books can be found on our homepage and the Every Child Matters link. 


Wings are ready to ship

can fit age 3-8

please leave size/age in comments at checkout

Wings are hand dyed and made with adjustable velcro straps. 


please do not leave littles unattended in our pieces. choking hazards . do not let little sleep while wearing or with our pieces. Not to be worn in carseats.